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Meet the PCA Certified Personal Trainer ! Every week we put one of our students in the spotlight, this week you will meet Olivier Wilmart. He obtained his NASM certification in 2020 and started his own business called Physical Fullness specialized in Sports Coaching and Physiotheraphy. Read on to discover his story!

Can you introduce yourself ? I am Olivier Wilmart, 40 years old and father of 4 children. I have been a Personal Trainer for 5 years. I have basic education as a physiotherapist, which allows me to be very attentive to the quality of the exercises and postures during my coaching. On a daily basis, I practice both Personal Training and physiotherapy. Most of my clients contact me for their general condition and fitness like getting more energy, a better physical condition and functional movements and reshaping their body. I work at home, at Basic Fit Naninne (Namur) as a Head trainer and also at a paramedical center where I mainly practice rehabilitation. With my companion, we are making an extension to our home in order to create my own home fitness center! The opening is planned for the end of 2023!

What is the most fulfilling part of being a Personal Trainer ? Changing people's lives, empowering them to regain functionality, proving to them that they are still capable of physical performance and exceeding limits they no longer thought possible! With the experience of both physical therapist and Personal trainer, I can now quickly identify the key weaknesses of my clients and patients which is clearly a strength. This allows me to be very efficient and guide my clients/patients to their goals quickly!

Which part of a coaching session do you like the most and how do you keep your clients motivated ? I enjoy coaching people who, above all, come to feel better about themselves or to get rid of their everyday little aches and pains. There are results after just a few sessions, which brings enormous satisfaction and motivation to my clients. I also enjoy coaching clients who want to improve their physical performance. From session to session we push the limits of the body, which gives my clients a tremendous sense of satisfaction.

Why did you choose PCA for your education ? After a very bad experience at DNA Academie, I ended up at PCA more or less by coincidence. I had a very pleasant telephone conversation with Fabrice Williquet who completely convinced me. I immediately understood that PCA would bring me the knowledge and skills to do my job as a Personal Trainer in the best possible way. Furthermore, PCA allowed me to refine my knowledge in Physiotherapy, especially thanks to Niels Kingma who is clearly the best trainer in my eyes! Every week I talk about PCA and recommend it to those around me.

What did the NASM accreditation bring you ? Because of this accreditation, I feel more comfortable with my clients. I have broadened my professional skills and am now confident that I bring the best to the people who trust me. NASM is clearly a quality label that every Personal Trainer should have! And as explained in the previous question, NASM has taught me about anatomy and biomechanics, allowing me to be even more efficient.

What is your favorite quote ? There is no drug, in use or in preparation, that holds as much health promise as a sustained and adapted physical activity program!


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